Ben Satriatna


Mr. Ben Satriatna is a researcher at Centre for Economics and Development Studies (CEDS). He is a part lecturer at Faculty of Economics, Universitas Padjadjaran. He earned his bachelor degree from Faculty of Economics, Universitas Padjadjaran. He received his master in Development Practice from Queensland University, Australia under the Australian Partnership Scholarship.

Throughout his professional life since 2008, he has also provided consultancy service for local government of Indonesia (e.g. Bandung Department of Education and Bappeda of Bandung), international NGOs (e.g. Transparency International), international development agency (e.g. World Bank, UNDP). His research interests include education policy, poverty and good governance.

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Yangki Suara is Researcher at SDGs Center Unpad. He obtained his MSc in Emerging Economies and Inclusive Development from King's College London and Bachelor in Economics and Development Studies from Universitas Padjadjaran.