Friday, May 31, 2024
Research Associates

Rizky Maulana

Rizky Maulana is a Universiteit Groningen graduate majoring in International Business and Management. He then continues his study on Visual Ethnography at Leiden University and graduated with distinction. Before continuing his study, he used to work as a producer for VICE Asia Pacific. One of his short documentaries for VICE APAC, “Burying the Dead in a City Running Out of Space – The Gravediggers of Bandung”, received an honorable mention by the judges in the 2020 SOPA Awards for the Regional Excellence in Video Reporting category. His first ethnographic film, “Toang” was selected at several international film festivals and received an honorable mention at the Society of Visual Anthropology Media and Film Festival 2023 for the best student film category. Currently, Rizky is taking part in the Open-Table Lab held by In-docs for his first feature documentary film project.

Arief Anshory Yusuf

Professor at Universitas UNPAD - Bandung