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Analysis of the Role of Fish Basket Women towards Household Income in Eretan Wetan Village, Indramayu District, West Java (2021)


The role of the fish basket woman is not only as a housewife but also as a breadwinner, thus the fish basket woman has a dual role in her family. Fish basket women help their husbands work to be able to meet family needs. This study aims to analyze household income as well know the motivation to work of women as fish baskets in increasing working household income and know the factors that affect the income of fish basket women in increasing household income in Eretan Wetan Village, Indramayu Regency, West Java. The research method used in this research is a case study and interviews using a questionnaire. The sampling technique used an accidental sampling method with a total of 50 respondents and collecting data using observation techniques, structured interviews, and documentation techniques. The results showed that the role of women with fish baskets on household income in Eretan Wetan Village, Indramayu Regency, West Java was quite significant by obtaining an average income of IDR 1,676,135 per month. Factors that affect the income of working basket women include helping their husbands, wages that are not appropriate, helping household income and the husband’s income is uncertain. The coefficient of determination shown by Nagelkerke R-Square, age, education level, number of family members, husband’s permission, and husband’s income affect women’s interest in working by 100.0%. Women’s interest in working is not influenced by any other factors included in the research mode.

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