Prof. Armida Alisjahbana: SDGs need an Integrated Approach and Strategy


Economic, social and environmental pillars are all important three pillars for sustainable development goals (SDGs). The achievement of SDGs will depend on the successful implementation of all three pillars. We need to integrate global, national and local level efforts. For this what are urgent are good governance and institutions at all levels (global, regional, national, local).

This is the main messages delivered by Prof. Dr. Armida Alisjahbana, Director of UNPAD’s SDGs center during the keynote speech at The 17th Assembly Meeting of INTOSAI WGEA, Jakarta, September 24-27, 2016

The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) is a worldwide affiliation of governmental entities. Its members are the Chief Financial Controller/Comptroller General/Auditor General Offices of nations. Its membership includes 193 institutions (188 national institutions, the European Court of Auditors and 4 associated members). The meeting hosted INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA), which aims to encourage the use of audit mandates and audit methods in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development by both members of the Working Group and non-member SAIs.

The WGEA and its members share a commitment to use the power of public sector audit to leave a positive legacy for future generations, by improving the quality of the environment, the management of natural resources, and the health and prosperity of peoples around the world.

Furthermore, Prof. Alisjahbana emphasized the need to address the links between the various SDGs targets. Links among goals through targets may facilitate anchoring certain Goals in the system such as Sustainable Consumption and Production. We should start identifying common benchmark of development performance. This can be done by considering targets that refer to other goals; and focus on looking at multiple goals. This will help devise best framework for policies and can be a better basis for Comprehensive Policy Responses.

UNPAD’s SDG center also participated at the exhibition during the course of the 2 days conference.