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Job-Education Mismatch: A Challenge to the SDGs

Job-education mismatch is a ticking time bomb for Indonesia. Such is because Indonesia is bound to enjoy its demographic dividend in the period between 2020 to 2030, when its productive age group outsizes the non-productive one. However, for the dividend…
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Geopolitics in Health: an Interview with Eduardo Gomez

Dr. Eduardo J. Gómez, from Department of International Development at King’s College London, talked to Ms. Wandira Larasati from UNPAD’s SDGs center about “Confronting Obesity, AIDS, and TBC in the Emerging BRICS Economies and Its Relevance for Indonesia”.

SDGs Center Meluncurkan Buku dalam Acara Puncak Perayaan Dies Natalis UNPAD ke-60

SDGs Center meluncurkan buku berjudul “Menyongsong SDGs: Kesiapan Daerah-daerah di Indonesia” dalam acara puncak perayaan Dies Natalais UNPAD ke-60, pada 11 September 2017. Direktur SDGs Center yang juga Guru Besar Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Unpad, Prof. Armida Salsiah Alisyahbana, menyerahkan…
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Konferensi Pembangunan Jawa Barat III: Perkuat Sinergi Demi Membangun Jawa Barat

Pencapaian target pembangunan di Jawa Barat tidak hanya menjadi tanggung jawab penyelenggara pemerintahan. Seluruh lapisan masyarakat memiliki peran dalam mendukung peningkatan pembangunan dan kesejahteraan masyarakat. Bupati Garut H. Rudy Gunawan, S.H., M.H., M.P., menyadari betul peran pelaku bisnis hingga akademisi…
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Presentations from National Seminar: Mismatch antara Pendidikan dan Pekerjaan

The presentations from National Seminar: “Mismatch antara Pendidikan dan Pekerjaan serta Dampaknya terhadap Pasar Kerja di Indonesia” can be downloaded from: Rahma Iryanti – Education & Skill Mismatch di Indonesia Kondisi Saat ini dan Kebijakan Pemerintah Ir. Sumarna F. Abdurahman…
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UN Report highlights rising inequality of opportunities in Indonesia

“I dream of a time when we can no longer guess who, among high school graduates, will be more likely to pass university entrance test just by knowing who their parents are. That is how I envision a society with…
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Why Indonesia Must Show The Way on The Trade Strategy? : An Interview with Prof. Peter Drysdale

  Ms. Wandira Larasati from UNPAD’s SDGs center Interviewed Prof. Peter Drysdale (ANU) about rising protectionism, ASEAN, Indonesia’s leadership role and SDGs.

Forestry, climate change and sustainable development: An interview with Jonah Busch, Ph.D.

Jonah Busch, Ph.D., from Center For Global Development, talked to Ms. Wandira Larasati from UNPAD’s SDGs center about his newly published book titled “Why Forests? Why Now? The Science, Economics, and Politics of Tropical Forests and Climate Change”.

Immiserizing Growth: A Clear and Present Danger

The body of literature provides the empirical basis for the accepted notion that economic growth is inclusive in a general sense: on average, the poverty headcount falls and the incomes of the poorest rise in line with average income growth….
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Jonah Busch: “Forests contribute to climate stability and sustainable development”

Concrete actions to protect and conserve forests are needed so that their impact on climate stability and sustainable development can be maintained. And these actions need to take place starting now. Such was conveyed by Jonah Busch, PhD, in his…
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