Ozonization Technology and Its Effects on The Characteristics and Shelf-life of Some Fresh Foods: A Review (2017)

By Een Sukarminah, Mohamad Djali, Robi Andoyo, Efri Mardawati, Tita Rialita, Yana Cahyana, In in Hanidah & Imas S. Setiasih on


The agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, meat and liquid based products are vulnerable to physical, chemical and microbiological damage due to their high moisture and organic matter contents. On the other hand, the consumer demands high quality food respectively fresh, clean, healthy, and safe. Ozone may be used an alternative or complementary food cleaning. The effectiveness of ozone against contaminating microorganisms present in agricultural products depends on several factors. Mechanism on ozone’s cleaning and sanitizing role in some food products are discussed. Application of ozonisation on cauliflower, red chili and guava crest and liquid based products exposed in some various ozone concentrations and exposures, on microbes’ inactivation are also discussed.

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